Stretching Programs

Stretching Programs

Stretching Programs

Everyone has seen the stretching studios that are opening across the country. Stretching significantly benefits the body and joints, assists in injury prevention, and aids in recovery. But have you ever wondered just how qualified are the people stretching me? At Premier, we offer one to one stretching or group stretching that is performed by licensed physical therapists or physical therapist assistants. Almost no one can make this claim at any of our competing studios. What does that mean? It means the person responsible for your stretching session at one of our facilities is knowledgeable and extensively trained in joint mechanics, orthopedic conditions, injury, and prevention as well as potential contraindications to conditions and how certain stretches could be harmful. Many current facilities offer weekend training courses or online study, but that simply does not compare to that of a Florida licensed physical therapists or physical therapists assistant.

When you sign up at Premier, we provide an in depth evaluation to identify those areas needing special attention or areas of potential complications. This assessment is exactly what licensed physical therapists are trained to do in graduate school. This is why at Premier, we use Florida licensed physical therapists to create your stretching program. No other competitor can make this statement. Once we design the program, you can decide if you want one on one stretching, join a group class, or simply sign up for guided classes.

Stretching can provide significant benefits to the human body. When you are choosing a stretching program, choose one that provides the most highly trained practitioners; choose Premier. If you are considering a stretching program, make sure you speak to one of our staff.

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